Author: Simon Newton

Time to Shoot

Time to Shoot How much time do we spend actually shooting compared to reading about shooting or photography? It is important to ensure that the ratio is weighted in favor of Time to Shoot. When shooting portraits at a close distance it is more important to consider what expression we aim to achieve by our subject. Do you always consider the purpose when framing the shot? There are dozens if not hundreds of descriptions for facial expressions but what are we looking to show?   Tense : Sanguine : Quizzical : Peering : Hopeless : Dreamy : Cheeky : Blissful : Absent Do you always consider the purpose when...

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Like or Love

What is the difference between photography you like and photography you love?  It is a difficult question because both may be related to the type of photography that you are passionate about. Do you know what your passions are? Do you know what you love?.  If you are like me it can be difficult to define your passions, it becomes more obscure mostly due to the second question. Ask yourself this: do you know the difference between the things you like and things you love?  As a photographer, I am a generalist and I take pictures of anything I...

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